Vera Primavera is an Ecuadorian artist who lives and works in Mexico City. Vera’s artistic body of work focuses on the exploration of self-portrait, nostalgia, magic, mystical experiences and everyday life in the form of paintings, large format murals, and tattoos.


With her large format murals she depicts her own conceptions of Latinidad and mestiza womanhood in a rebellious statement through the use of the feminine image in public space.


She approaches canvas painting as a more intimate task where she goes deep into her emotions painting self-portraits as means to understand her mind and body as well as a compulsive record creating to feel present and real. The colors and atmospheres are currently influenced by Mexico with a bright palette that puts the viewer into a liminal warm space, making you feel as if you are peeking inside someone’s personal room.


With tattooing she lets another person inside her intimate space to share a ritual designed by her that culminates in the image being tattoed as a representation of a deep desire, protection or healing.


Vera’s mural work can be seen in many cities around the world including: Lyon and Saint-Dié-des-Vosges in France; Chihuahua, Mexico City and Monterrey in Mexico, Bogotá in Colombia, Quito, Ambato and Cuenca in Ecuador, Trier, Limbach-Oberfrohna and Mühldorf in Germany; Vienna in Austria, Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, New York and Harrisburg in the USA, Loures in Portugal and Helsingborg in Sweden.


Currently she paints in her studio in Mexico City and has works in many private and corporate collections.